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What's coming... Autumn/Winter 2021/22

The latest trend analyses by renowned trend researcher Li Edelkoort and the international View magazine provide an overview of the themes for the 2021/22 season.


Trend forecast for autumn/winter 2021/22 by Lidewij Edelkoort

An abundance of white, knit and comfort

Trend researcher Lidewij Edelkoort never shies away from unusual predictions. For example, her prediction for autumn/winter 2019/20 was "more colourful than ever" and last year a small shock went through the audience when she declared "that brown would become the new black".

Also for Autumn/Winter 2021/22 she came up with a surprising prediction in her online trend seminar 'Stillness':

"White goes from summer into winter and beyond".

The trend researcher's forecast predicts a winter in which a thin, white layer of snow will lie over all colours.

Edelkoort is knocking on the door. The 2021/22 autumn/winter season will be a reaction to what the world is going through. Even before the pandemic, she had a feeling that a change would occur, but even she could not foresee an event of this magnitude. Already in November 2021, she sees the rise of white and the need for stillness and light, she says. She has now chosen white as a symbol.

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Photos :first two images, Christian Wijnants AW20 by Christian Wijnants, Jil Sander AW20 and Dolce & Gabbana AW20 via Catwalkpictures.com


"For the first time in fashion, white will last from summer into the onset of winter."

If you think the trend forecaster is literally predicting only white for the season, you're wrong. Her colour palette still contains some colour and only a dark colour story. Edelkoort sees these dark colours as accent colours and they should therefore not be used in excess.

The various colour stories - anyone who knows Edelkoort's seminars knows that she always works with stories - are all connected with white materials. Think of flowers and wool, for example, but also of snow, fog or ice.

In general, Edelkoort's forecast consists of neutral hues that cling to the white. It is as if the colours were covered by a layer of snow, mist, sand or flowers. "The colour is subordinate to the white," she explains. During the seminar, light shades of pink are shown, but also very light shades of green, blue and orange. "All colours are actually non-colours and halftones," says the trend researcher.

"There will be a big revival of knitwear."

What also stands out during the seminar is the large amount of soft and comfortable materials. "There will be a big revival of knitwear, those will be the items that sell a lot," she says. "You need warmth and happiness that comes from softness". It is reminiscent of the Scandinavian concept of "hygge" (meaning cosiness), where comfortable and warm clothing also plays a big role. "It's the first time in fashion that white tones go from summer into winter and beyond," says Edelkoort. "In America, they say you can't wear white after the workday. You really have to get over that now."

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Photos: Dolce & Gabbana AW20, Fendi AW20, Haider Ackermann AW20, Alexander McQueen via Catwalkpictures.com


Details: Fashionunited by Caitlyn Terra



Forecast for autumn/winter 2021/22 by David R. Shah, VIEW

The world keeps turning ... Everything has been turned upside down by Covid-19. It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the future. Solutions are found through positive motivation and flexibility in action. Creativity is trusted.

The autumn/winter 2021/22 season will be determined by Inspirationwhich, on the one hand, results from the natural, the earthy and the structural and, on the other hand, through a digital aspect, which focuses on enhanced visions of life through virtual reality, 3D software and augmented reality.

The colours of the Autumn/Winter 2021/22 season follow these two aspects and tend towards warm, calming neutrals and simple greys, juxtaposed with euphoric pastels or mysterious underwater blue-greens.

In keeping with the mood of the times, the Forms relaxed and protective and the Cuts unstructured and generous, so that we can "envelop" ourselves. In contrast, innovative new materials or the desire to show strength lead to bold sculptural forms that play with an extension of the body.

Also with the fashion accessories the design takes up this basic mood and focuses on authenticity, progressive innovation, protection and, above all, change. Change is change.

The Fabricmanufacturers are polarised in their approach, looking both forward and backward. Proven design seems to be the overriding rule, but this is offset by a big investment in quality.

Conclusion: It will be anything but a boring season as sustainability, new materials and revolutionary innovative processes permeate all areas.


System reset
Long life
Function matters


Now is the time for a reset.

Re-evaluate values, think reductively, avoid the superfluous, wasteful and wasteful, and focus on the essentials.

Fashion is sustainable.

Seasonless, genderless (unisex), focused on longevity of materials and styles and the design fits in with existing wardrobes.

Honest quality is the focus.

New eco-plastics stand next to organic natural fibres. Resources are valuable and they are treated with care. Artists and designers take up the big questions of our time and offer solutions. The results are sensitive enough to avoid collapse.


Details: VIEW Issue 131, freely translated



LIFESTYLE TREND 2022/23 >BLANK PAGE< by Lidewij Edelkoort

"We take a break to catch our breath. As if interrupted by a coma, we take time to reflect, to consider the meaning of our lives and our work. We long for stillness. This new vision causes us to reinvent everything from scratch. The fact that our behaviour accounts for 10% of global warming is scary and motivates us to find solutions. Encouraged by impressive women like Greta and Jane - teenagers and grandmothers agree - awareness is growing rapidly. All retailers, brands, designers and customers are aware. People are finally ready to change their ways and break the shackles of their shopping addiction. They will reinvent everything from scratch, downsize their spaces and their warehouses and re-evaluate their clothing consumption. A sense of liberation and lightness will be the result. This new stillness will be clear and sparkling like a crystal, with precise goals for our future. As an industry, we will decide to cut production, streamline design and make responsible products that last. This does not mean that we will stop making beautiful things - on the contrary. Beauty is a form of activism to somehow alleviate the pain we experience. Therefore the Focus on less and better, minimal and exceptional as well as sustainable and intuitive lie," says Edelkoort.


Details: www.edelkoort.ch ; In February 2021, Li Edelkoort will hold a webinar entitled "BLANK PAGE", in which the style icon of trend research will give an exciting and well-founded insight into future social developments as well as trends in lifestyle, interior, fashion, materials and colours for the new 2022/23 season.