Changeable knitwear and accessories made of merino wool "Made in Austria"
for a minimalist wardrobe
Unique viscose knit



“We live what we love” – ​​authenticity creates identity

The ideas for our products come from our personal experience. Our watchful eye helps us to question and redefine traditional design principles. Our collection reflects this unity of thought, word, deed and product.


“Values, culture and social engagement”

We are aware of our own longing for values, our social and cultural responsibility and this is reflected in our product and market orientation. For us, acting economically is more than just making a profit. Cultural, moral and aesthetic maxims determine our economic activities.


“Responsible use of the environment and people”

We design products for everyday use from the purest natural materials, which are manufactured in small factories and studios. “It has to be ecological and social”, that is our contribution to sustainability and for customers who value sustainability.


“The customer benefits – create products with added value”

We design products that can be used in different ways. High quality materials and workmanship, as well as timeless design ensure a long service life.