Convertible knitwear and accessories made from merino wool "Made in Austria".
for a minimalist wardrobe
Unique knit from viscose

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Slow Fashion Made in Vienna/Austria since 2006 offers slow fashion and fashionable accessories made of natural materials in changeable design.

The preferred theme of is the scarf. The scarf, in its basic form a rectangle, is interpreted and modified, but also the familiar is changed and/or traditional design principles are questioned so that the scarf becomes clothing, a changeable, variable, multifunctional, reversible garment for women.


Hand-felted Silk Scarves - Unique Pieces "Made in Vienna


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It all started with the hand-felted silk scarves that are now made in Vienna by 100%iger. The know-how of the craftsmen makes a modern interpretation of the old Japanese technique of felting with its unique character possible and unique. The old technique of felting, the creative interpretation of the theme "scarf" in form and design, as well as the unique character of the pieces are significant for this collection.

"For me it is "a game with form"because a scarf does not always have to be a rectangle. It can also have stepped ends, be worked in the round, ... and implemented with this extraordinary felt handwork -very unique." says designer Karin Merkl.


Convertible knitwear and accessories made from merino wool - favourite pieces for your everyday life


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It followed "The game with function"because when the designer created HoodedScarves, ONE HoleScarves, LoopScarves, ... this was no longer possible in the elaborate felting technique and also did not make sense. She made the models in knitwear from eco-certified, extra-fine, mottled merino wool and applied the same quality criteria as for the silk scarves: Both sides equally beautiful. Both sides in different looks. No plain-coloured material. In this way, she achieved that the models are reversible, better matched to the basic wardrobe and worn more often and longer due to the changeability and alterability. With minimal interventions, such as short seams, small cut outs, ... stole capes, jackets capes, cape, triangle poncho, coat capes, jumpers, dresses were created.

Since 2006, knitwear and fashionable accessories such as scarves, hats and gauntlets made of merino wool have been created and have become everyday favourites!


Unique sustainable summer knit in viscose


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In 2018, Karin Merkl began with a Knitwear collection in mottled viscose, a sustainable yarn made from cellulose (wood) in a linen look for the summer and set the same requirements for this collection as for the merino wool collection: To offer models in a minimalist but special design with a wide range of colours and colour combinations for a capsule wardrobe while respecting the zero-waste philosophy and sustainability criteria. 

In this knitwear collection, the knitting of two different coloured threads creates a striped pattern that is always different. Unique models are created and are significant for this collection.


You can recognise authenticity by the fact that it keeps recurring

The following applies to both knitwear collections:

Made in Austriabecause the knitting and finishing is done by hand in a small knitting factory near Vienna.

The Collection growsEach season, three to four models are added, which in turn harmonise well with the previous models and can be combined.

Zero-WasteMany models are developed from the rectangle or the waste is deliberately kept small. This zero-waste attitude is an essential contribution to sustainability and resource conservation.

Nomen est omen. Each model has a name. They are word creations that already point to the changeability, to what is special.

Slow FashionThe pieces have a timeless design, high quality materials and workmanship, good wearing properties and the greatest possible environmental and social compatibility, so they outlast seasonal trends and have a long life.

Ideally suited for a "Capsule WardrobeIt consists of a few selected pieces that you like, that fit perfectly, are of high quality and can be worn over a longer period of time, regardless of the season. Less consumption and more sustainability is the motto, slow fashion and minimalism are the buzzwords.


Slow fashion for a minimalist wardrobe


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It is peculiar to the designer that she likes to question, for example, the shape of the scarf, traditional design principles or classic design types. Thus she deals with the classic shirtdress, with classic neckline shapes, with "less is more in fashion."

Since 2018, a Collection of blouses and Dresses and creates modern interpretations of classics, the blouse and the dress, with clear cuts and surprising details, modern tailoring, classic tailoring translated into the here and now, made of high-quality silk in a wide range of colours. This allows for an individualisation of the range that has no equal. This corresponds to the spirit of the times in which individuality and authenticity are more and more in demand. offers uniqueness with this collection - not just the same old uniformity and standardisation. offers "favourite pieces for everyday life" - slow fashion made in Vienna/Austria since 2006.