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What's next ... Spring/Summer 2024

Womenswear for spring/summer 2024 is loosening up. But what does that mean for the look, the colour, the silhouettes?


How sexy is the new season?

So much up front: femininity and sexiness continue to be important themes, and the trend is only now really catching on in the mainstream. And yet a counter-trend is already emerging, especially in fashionable lace. It's allowed to be (more) casual again - but always with sophistication. What does that mean? Shine replaces glitter, the design language becomes more relaxed, flowing qualities are the order of the day. Accordingly, satin is important because it is both comfortable and refined.



How colourful is the new season?

The new season's womenswear also focuses on lightness in terms of colour. But "slow down" does not mean standstill. After the dominance of primary colours last summer, things are now becoming more nuanced. The majority of the shades are dominated by a high proportion of white. Not really pastel, more like overexposed. Yellow is a rising star, along with a colour flow from blue to pink and violet. Green also remains important, a mixture of sage and mint. Neutrals - from sand to clear black and white - are increasingly coming to the fore again. It's all about the right dosage, neither too purist nor too strong.



Which silhouettes dominate the new season?

The easyness in terms of colours and style also translates to the silhouettes. Relaxation is also making inroads in terms of shapes, which is evident not least in the multitude of flowing dresses for spring/summer 2024. Flowing has little to do with the oversized boho dresses of the past seasons, the models are body-hugging. Next to the new dresses are flowing trousers, body-hugging skirts, enveloping (but not covering!) outerwear. This design language tells of a summer full of lightness, full of spontaneity, full of possibilities. The looks are changeable - "from day to night", "from desk to dinner".



Source: ÖTZ July 2023