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The colours for spring/summer 2024 & beyond

Trend research institute WGSN and the trend experts at Coloro predict five trend colours that will set the tone in the FS24 & beyond season.


Each of the shades was chosen to convey a sense of security in a time of great uncertainty and global change, while reflecting a "shift towards strategic imagination", according to the trend researchers.

FashionUnited has compiled some looks from current catwalk collections in the colours selected by WGSN and Coloro that can serve as inspiration


Future Dusk

Future Dusk" was chosen as the colour of the year 2024. This colour was described by Urangoo Samba, Head of Colour at WGSN, as a "reliable blue" that conveys "a sense of confidence and stability" while driving "the creation of new futures". According to Samba, the choice of this shade was linked to the prediction that dark shades would become more important as they herald a time of transition.


Transcendent Pink

Transcendent Pink is versatile and suitable for people of all genders and demographics, making it a "commercially reliable" choice, according to Caroline Guilbert, Creative Content Lead at Coloro. Unlike other shades of pink that have been popular recently - notably Barbie's Hot Pink - this shade has a more subtle shading that is earthy, giving it a sense of stability, Guilbert points out.


Aquatic Awe

This shade has a dual character and embodies elements of both the natural world and virtual space. Aquatic Awe is inspired by the underwater world and its ecosystems, but also reflects the growing trend towards immersive virtual worlds. This unique combination bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, as Samba points out. She also described the sound as one of her personal favourites for 2024.


Sunset Coral

This new type of coral colour is meant to be a remedy to society's focus on productivity, encouraging people to enjoy moments of stillness and relaxation despite its vibrant appearance, as well as the idea of "conscious hedonism" associated with Sunset Coral as it aims to create a meaningful connection between moments of pleasure and a greater sense of purpose, according to Guilbert of Coloro. Like a stunning sunset, this shade embodies both joy and meaning.


Ray Flower

Coloro cited the work of multidisciplinary designer Jess Redgrave, who works with sunflowers to create natural dyes, as the source of inspiration for Ray Flower. Ray Flower was described by Samba as "inherently optimistic and calming", referring to the growing trend towards more radical sustainability, where the environment is seen as a key player in design and production.



Background information:

Colour trend forecasting is about predicting the future popularity of certain colours by analysing cultural trends, social movements and design influences, among others. Companies like WGSN and its sister company Coloro use their expertise and industry knowledge to study current trends, consumer behaviour and emerging styles. In this way, they forecast the colours that will be in demand in the coming years and enable their clients, i.e. designers, producers and retailers, to stay ahead of the curve.



Source: FashionUnited 5 June 2023
Images: Spotlight Launchmetrics